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COVID-19 Rules and Best Practices

Your Move. Fit. Live. Team has worked out all the details to enable us to open back up!


As you all know we are not “over” this virus yet and reopening our businesses does come with some changes to ensure that we are doing our best not to spread this virus to others. As per the safety guidelines set forth by Governor Abbott, we are putting into place some new rules and procedures designed to help keep us all safe while at the gym and receiving massages. 

 We ask that you please do YOUR BEST to practice all of these rules. Our Move. Fit. Live. Team loves our community. That being said, our team members have families at home, as do you, and we are trying to protect and prevent this disease from spreading. Practicing these rules are very important to the safety and health of us as a community and our families.


Thank you! 

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