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Our Story

Move. Fit. Live. was founded November 2013, by Certified Personal Trainer, Nathan Gamez with the passion of helping people and the idea of giving back to our San Antonio and neighboring communities. Before Move. Fit. Live. was founded, Nathan had been Personal Training for 4 years. He felt very blessed to be able to work with and help all of his clients reach their health and fitness goals, however he wanted to impact more people than the amount of time he could fit into a day. He understood that to help more people on a large spectrum, he had to do something in addition to personal training. Then was born, Move. Fit. Live. He began providing free workouts to our community at various parks throughout the city and everyone was welcome! Invites were sent via social media, and friends could invite their friends and family, and so on and so forth. Everyone that was on Move. Fit. Live.’s social media pages, also received a free online workout each week. Now, people all over the U.S. had some insight as to the workouts they could perform to help reach their health and fitness goals. 


The vision had come to life, and the Move. Fit. Live. Community continued to grow rapidly. Now, everyone was learning from each other, meeting new friends, helping and motivating one another, MOVING, and having fun. With the growth of our community, Dana Norman began to help organize the workouts and continues to play an active role in the community. In addition, Certified Personal Trainers, Nicholas Gamez and Edwin Santiago began to help lead the community workouts.


Exactly 1 year later, Move. Fit. Live. was blessed with the opportunity to provide our community with a Fitness Center. The dream to help more people on a large spectrum had become a reality. This is where our story continues to unfold. Our Fitness Center allows what our free community workouts do, learn from one another, help and motivate each other, meet new friends, have fun, and ultimately reach your health and fitness goals! Come in and join our Move. Fit. Live. Community and begin to Live Through Your Movement! 

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