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Our mission is to become a STRONGER COMMUNITY TOGETHER, by providing group workouts that challenge you both mentally and physically to help you reach your health and fitness goals, while inspiring each other to Live Through Your Movement. 


Bringing group workouts to your Community! Our group classes are one hour and fitted for all fitness levels and ages. Each week has a workout format that will challenge and benefit you differently from the week before. We kick off every month with Cardio Pump, then Strength Builder, to Muscular Endurance, and wrap up each month with Grit Week! No workouts will be the same within the week; Same format, but different workouts all together. We set a goal at the beginning of each workout for that specific class day, and as a community we accomplish that goal by the end of class. Each class also concludes with a challenge that will push you past your limits, help you overcome new obstacles, and finish the workout strong. You will feel accomplished after completing the final challenge, and excited to get after it on your next workout! 


All members meet with their trainer monthly to discuss their short and long term goals. Ultimately, like it’s stated in our mission statement, we are here to help you reach your health and fitness goals you have set for yourself! We also have a fun reward program for our members each time they successfully reach a new goal! 


Join our Move. Fit. Live. Community and let’s grow STRONGER TOGETHER!

To join our COMMUNITY, click a location below.

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