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Routine massage therapy should not be considered a luxury. You work hard getting your body healthy, don't stop with the workouts -  finish off with a routine massage. This will help decrease any chronic pain issues you may have, increase your range of motion and blood flow, allowing your workouts to be even more effective and beneficial! All of our massages can be tailored to your individual needs.

Relaxation Massage

Time: 30min -90 min

Also known as "Swedish Massage" is a soothing massage with light to medium pressure. Your therapist can adjust the level of pressure to your liking. This massage will warm up your muscle tissues and relax the body, while improving circulation and increasing muscle range of motion and flexibility.

Deep Tissue

30min - 90min

This massage uses more intense pressure to reach the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia and focuses more on releasing chronic tension or "knots." Passive stretching is also used to mobilize the joints and lengthen the muscles.


Time: 30min or 1 hour

Cupping is a different form of massage. It is a type of negative pressure therapy as opposed to pressure like a massage. This procedure involves placing cups over various parts of the body and applying suction that draws the soft tissue to the surface of the body allowing for increased blood flow. It is typically used to relieve  muscle pain and soreness, inflammation, and promote blood flow to speed healing. Dry cupping is completely non-invasive and uses a pump to create the suction within the cups.

Chair Massage

Time: 10 or 20 min

This type of massage is a quick 10 - 20 minutes, performed in a special massage chair that allows support for your head and neck. It focuses on your back, shoulders, neck, and arms. Benefits include:  released tension and stress, increased circulation, relief of muscle pain and more flexibility.