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We are proud to Partner with NEVA Massage & Yoga to Bring Yoga to Move. Fit. Live. Please see below for our class offerings. You are also able to reserve your spot, as class sizes are limited.  Classes are INCLUDED and FREE in MFL Membership. 



Yoga - Gentle Flow 

This class is for anyone looking for a gentler approach to a movement practice. We'll use a modified sequence of postures to warm the body and incorporate fundamental standing postures to begin building strength and balance. Seated stretches will be shown with props to explore mobility with ease. We'll close with a guided final relaxation, to leave you feeling restored and centered.



Yoga - VinyAsa Flow

In Vinyasa, we strengthen and invigorate our muscles through dynamic movement. This class is an intense practice that starts with stretching and connecting poses together while using our breath. This flow gives us a great workout for our body and mind. With the help of adjustments and modifications, we can take our practice to the next level.



Yoga - Strong Flow Vinyasa

Step into this class to quiet the mind and burn off your daily stresses.  A creative sequenced Vinyasa style class that connects movement and breath while building strength, flexibility, and balance in both mind and body.  The asana is designed to promote a state of mindfulness and leave you stepping off your mat with a sense of well-being.




Slow flow is a gentle form of Vinyasa yoga.  The inclusion of slower salutations, grounded postures, and gentler movements allows students to build confidence, familiarity, and proper form during this class.  Slow Flow is an inclusive practice that is more accessible than traditional Vinyasa because the teachers' focus is on the students ensuring safety and progress  Slow Flow is a great class for beginner yogis and for yogis who want to brush up on fundamental alignment and technique.



Yoga - Organic Flow

This class is a gift for the soul. Organic Flow will help you focus on your inner experience as you move and expand your internal awareness. These somatic and restorative sequences will help you calm your mind, reconnect with your breath and gently mobilize your body.

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